Designer Ankle Boots - Stiletto, Bovver & Glam Booties

Designer Ankle Boots

Ankle boots should be at the top of the list for those must have womens designer shoes styles this season. The majority of fashion houses have a version of this versatile boot which gives an instant rock chick edge. As if that wasnít enough they can be worn in any season and look great with bare legs.

Take a look at the hottest ankle boot styles.

The Stiletto Boot

As seen on the catwalks of Alexander Mcqueen and YSL the stiletto ankle boot is one bad ass boot! These have to be the perfect grown up ankle boot.
What To Wear With: The delicate heels of stiletto ankle boots look super sophisticated with tailored outfits. That is not to say this is all you can wear them with as they really do go with pretty much everything including worn under jeans, with tights or dresses.
What Not To Do: Try and steer clear from wearing these with minis and bare legs unless the hooker look is something you are aiming for!
Seen On: Eva Green, Sarah Jessica Parker.

The Glam Bootie

Want to add something fun and lively to your wardrobe? Then look no further than Glam boots complete with tassels, studs and any other trimmings that add to the look. Glam booties do exactly what the name suggests.
What To Wear With: Best worn with a simple outfit to show of f the best of your glam boots.
What Not To Do: Let the boots be the centre of attention, donít hide them under trousers and try not to match the boots to your outfit ie sequinned boots with a sequinned dress.
Seen On: Kylie, Blake Lively.

The Bovver Boot

With their chunky soles these hardwearing work inspired boots are perfect for the girls that like to wear feminine clothes while adding an extra edge.
What To wear With: The Bovver boot has the added advantage of making your legs look slimmer and  looks cool worn with leggings and a leather jacket or a vintage lace dress.
What Not To Do: Donít wear with log jeans, try and stick to cropped denim or better still stick to tights. These Boots also need to look like you have just thrown them on with very little effort so donít whatever you do be tempted to wear them laced all the way up.
Seen On: Agy, Alice Dellall, Erin Wasson, Jaime Winstone.

The Wedge Boot

Very much a fashion forward shoe the wedge has been seen on the catwalks of Stella McCartney and Givenchy.
What To Wear With: For the girls with short legs try these with rolled up boyfriend jeans and for those with longer legs denim shorts with bare legs will look great.
Seen On: Model May Anderson, Katie Holmes.

The Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea boot is a style that has been on the scene for a while but it has recently been taken on board by womens shoe designers and given a make over. These are definately shoes with a purpose. Available heeled or flat and sporting the elastic side panel these boots also have the added bonuses of reducing the risk of fat ankles!
What To Wear With: The flat Chelsea boot is perfect for daytime wear looking great with jumper dresses and slouchy trousers while the high heeled version are there to be worn with practically everything!
What Not To Do: Try and avoid wearing these boots with bootcut jeans or anything that verges on the mumsy!
Seen On: Katie Holmes, Peaches Geldof.

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